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Thursday, May 31, 2012

public office is a public trust.!

After of 44th days of impeachment trial of Former Chief Justice Renato Corona, senators decided to convict CJ Corona. They explained the Article 2 or non-declaration of properties in Statements of Assets and 
Liabilities and Networth (SALN). Rep. FariƱas clearly stated that Corona failed to follow the law. As we 
remember, he face at the impeachment court and explained why he didn’t declared all his properties in 
SALN, after he walk out because he felt sick cause of diabetes. Sen. Enrile doesn’t impress for what 
Corona’s done. The prosecution stays believing that Corona’s disobey the constitution and he should step 
down from his position. It is not easy to judge especially to our Chief Justice, because no one is perfect. 
Everyone has its own deficiency in life, but we have laws to be followed. Corona disobeys on what stated 
on the constitution and he betrayed the public trust. This is dishonesty. “An error in judgment has no place in 
this trial.” Sen. Lacson said.
One of the values that have not to be broken is TRUST. It’s just like a glass, if it is broke already, you 
cannot bring it back from its original disposition. Few of them still believed to Corona and voted not guilty 
including Sen. Arroyo, Sen. Santiago and Sen. Marcos. On side of defense, non-declaration of SALN is not impeachable offense.
According to Senate President, Sen. Enrile, Corona is frustrated to prepare prosecution on impeachment 
complaint. For me, the issue here is he betrayed the public trust. Individual expression of preference is first 
time that happened in the history of the senate. I wish to not happen again. Whoever PNOY chooses for the replacement of Chief Justice, I hope HE would not betrayed the public trust and follow his steps.

I’m worrying about what happening in our country. The economy is down and government officials corrupt. 
How Philippines line to progress? Lord, help us.

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