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I am a simple girl who wanted to makes my dream come true. I create this blog to express my thoughts and feelings to those certainly people hate me. The roads I should have never taken are the things I regret. The past can’t be rewritten, but it can make me stronger. I’m so thankful for every change because of all of these, I have learned. I do always speak my mind that I would never let anyone to put me down. I have strong personalities. I am always the girl who didn’t really care what others thought. I try not to listen to what other people say and do what I want to do for myself. Although I may not be the one you notice in the crowd and I have no pretty face, I’m going to prove everybody’s wrong and I can still proudly say that I have a quite better personality. I know that my purpose in life is to do more with the dreams that I have.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

just me!!!

Wench in Wonderland
Dianne Rivera

I do not know where I am
Even though there are people around
Alone, thinking and wander;
Why I'm here?
On my way, I saw a palace
Beautiful, colorful; grand
Seems have a celebration inside
To made people alive.

I try to enter the door
Without doubt and hesitation
There’s a lot of nutcracker
Standing on my way
Wearing crimson clothes
With holding their ripples.

I was amaze on what I’ve seen
And I felt that these are real
They are waiting for me
To make the sounds beat.

Oh! My blue dress
Becomes shinning and shimmery
This is awesome and immense
Feel like a princess in fortress

From the throne, I heard my name
Therefore, I lift my head
Over there, I saw the king and queen
Overwhelming welcomed me.

It is full of joy and noise
A lot of people are happy
And when my eyes do close,
I fallen in the deep
And I don’t know where to cling.

In just a snap, all of these
Suddenly change even my dress
Where are these all goes?
I’m alone again in the gloom.

Afterward, I woke up
I woke up in the truth
All of these are just a dream
Dream that I wish to make it real.


Thank you for reading :))

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