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Saturday, August 11, 2012

that's it !

At The Backyard
( Children's Story ) 
Dianne Rivera

I remember when I was a child; there were many folktales that my grandmother tells me. We are all gathered in the living room of my grandma’s house and tell her story.

Once upon a time, in a far away land of our barangay, there lived a lady nearby their house. She is beautiful, having long hair and afraid to talk to people outside. She loves painting and very cheerful when she talks to you.

One day, when she was about to go to school, there was a handsome guy catch his attention from a lady. The guy came closer to the lady and gave his name. The lady was happy for the guy. So that, every time she goes to school, he picks her up.

Because of their memories and sweet moments together, they fall in love with each other and they were become together.

 They were always happy until the time when the guy needs to leave her. Because the guy realized that he loves another. That’s why; the girl was really hurt for what he’s done. The beautiful lady tries to kill herself because of severe hurt. So the guy afraid for what the girl’s done. He tries to save the girl but it’s too late to do that. The girl died. After the burial, the guy did not continue to love his mistress anymore, because he realized that he still love the lady and he regrets it, but it was dead already. He can’t bring back the life of his love. The lady’s soul is always besides the guy. She still always takes care of him anywhere he goes. The girl did not revenge to the guy. She just only follows the guy anywhere he goes.

Then, the telephone rang. My mother told me to send home early, so that, the story of my grandma stops. When I was about to go, my grandma told me that before I sent home, I would harvest some camias at their backyard. I went to backyard and pick up some. While picking up, I saw a lady completely in white stares and smiles at me. After harvesting, I glanced up to the window but the lady was gone and I ignored that.
When I go back, I tell to my grandma that I saw a lady at their neighbour’s window watching me. Then, my grandma forgot to tell me that the lady she was telling in her story was lived behind her house. I knew that, it was abandon house.

thanks for reading :))

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