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It's me optimistic gal.. :) My personal blog about my life with fashion and thoughts.

I am a simple girl who wanted to makes my dream come true. I create this blog to express my thoughts and feelings to those certainly people hate me. The roads I should have never taken are the things I regret. The past can’t be rewritten, but it can make me stronger. I’m so thankful for every change because of all of these, I have learned. I do always speak my mind that I would never let anyone to put me down. I have strong personalities. I am always the girl who didn’t really care what others thought. I try not to listen to what other people say and do what I want to do for myself. Although I may not be the one you notice in the crowd and I have no pretty face, I’m going to prove everybody’s wrong and I can still proudly say that I have a quite better personality. I know that my purpose in life is to do more with the dreams that I have.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

its me optimistic gal !! ^_^

I describe myself as a typical teenager. I love school activities. I join every contest in our school. I also love 

dealing with people, that’s one of my strong points. My personality is transparent, what you see. That’s 

me… thanks anyway to those people who always believe in me.


 A simple but cool belt from my closet. What do you think of my red nail polish? :) I always 

wear this flower designed necklace because it will added up a little drama

 on my fashion style of the day.

red !! red !! red !!  

Gearing towards New Dimension in Excellence was the theme of our foundation day… while 

walking to the hallway with our department shirt. It was so crowd because the parade 

waiting to start. I was so nervous because our first program is cheer dance competition. Our 

costume was so amazing. It looks like a leopard with a long sleeves matching with leggings. 

When the host called our college, yeah!! We are ready to dance and show our best...  


I get bored today because I was alone and nothing to do. I text my friend and reading book 

while sitting on my bed. I was thinking what I am going to do. I bite my nails, seems like 

conscious. Anyway, I visited my grandma nearby our house. My cousin was there, very cute 

and adorable baby... I love his sparkling eyes. My grandma cooked for me a merienda. I 

forgot what that was called. It’s bread with a hot dog and she rolled on an egg and fried after. 

It’s very delicious, I want more:))


That plus a short loose cardigan with black sandals I’m good to go! What do you think?


Another present from bhest Erick . I had shock and surprised because, he gave this to me.. I love 

the color, the 3” heels, and the style as well. I must wear this when we go to Luneta Park 

with my friends. I love to wear heels with studs.


When I was a kid, I always wanted to have love birds. My dad said that, it always them 

together. Because when one of them dies, the other one would no longer to live. They live 

together. That’s why they called love birds. They loved each other.


After a half day on school, I preferred to send home early. But I’d change that. I realized 

that I will become jollier if after school, we watching movies, party at our house and go to the 

 mall. I remember when I was in first year of college, my friends and always did this routine. 

Now, we are now in second year in college. We have to serious our study in spite of being 

busy, we don’t forget to go out and gimmick :)) L O L


Our representative in college was late. Because of that my professor picks me up to

 represent our college. So I will be able to go to AVR. Apparently, my college, arts and 

sciences, vs. college of commerce was our first game. Luckily, I won the game. Next game is 

college of technology, I also won the game. But in college of education, I lose. But it’s okay. I 

got the 1st runner up. Not bad!


  1. from a pessimistic me to the optimistic you: keep it up. <3

  2. wow ! so amazing ! :))
    i'm so proud of you bhest !!!
    keep it up ! GODBLESS ! :)