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It's me optimistic gal.. :) My personal blog about my life with fashion and thoughts.

I am a simple girl who wanted to makes my dream come true. I create this blog to express my thoughts and feelings to those certainly people hate me. The roads I should have never taken are the things I regret. The past can’t be rewritten, but it can make me stronger. I’m so thankful for every change because of all of these, I have learned. I do always speak my mind that I would never let anyone to put me down. I have strong personalities. I am always the girl who didn’t really care what others thought. I try not to listen to what other people say and do what I want to do for myself. Although I may not be the one you notice in the crowd and I have no pretty face, I’m going to prove everybody’s wrong and I can still proudly say that I have a quite better personality. I know that my purpose in life is to do more with the dreams that I have.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Havin' a blast.. ♥

Just getting my costume from my closet. I’d cut it out , the top and short and I added some little drama. It was empowering.


  1. wow! this is so amazing!! i love the posing,facial expression everything! and because of that you could be a star ikaw na! LOLz (millionX) love yah girl :P

  2. this is really cute :D I love your outfit :)